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I was debating whether to do a reaction post or not, cuz I don't really have a lot to say about this ep, but eh. Why not? So rambling behind the cut.

Ok, the Doctor? Seriously creepy, guys. Eleven has fewer notions of what constitutes proper social behavior than other incarnations of the Doctor (and that's really saying something!) but even so this was well into oh my god get the crazy man away from me territory.

Possibly he should, I dunno, stop going off and sulking alone in his aloneness? Because it's clearly unhealthy for him and makes him even stranger. Find another companion, dude, you do not have to wait for your One True Companion. (I say this as a Doctor/Rose shipper, by the way, and I say it without irony, because I don't think loving, wanting, waiting for one particular person negates being able to feel affection for many others along the way, nor do I think the Doctor/Companion relationship must include sexual tension -- Moffat, are you listening?)

Clara. I dunno. We didn't actually get enough of her to know whether or not I like her; all of her characterization was call-back to the prior eps. I don't think I know any more about her now than I did before I watched the episode. Which is... kinda problematic, actually. And probably contribues to why this episode just felt 'meh.' It was just a mid-season filler ep, really, not a premiere. Yes, I know it technically is mid-season, but if you take a months-long hiatus and then come back with a new companion, you'd better write it like a premiere. Seriously.

The thing that bugged me about Clara was this insistence on her cleverness. She's 'clever', so 'clever' we get told. Told, not shown. And what we are shown... does not mesh with clever. The whole lack of computer skills thing, for instance. Sure, ok, there are smart people out there who don't really get computers, fine, you wanna go that way... Although a 23 year old in 2013 who can't operate a laptop is making me side-eye you really hard...

But lemme tell you something about 'clever', Moffat. Clever people? They(Oh, hell, let's stop pretending ego isn't involved here) We clever people, we figure things out. That's what makes us clever. So, ok, she doesn't know she has to connect to a wifi network (neither of the kids in the house could do this with her?) - ok, she doesn't know that. Computers have help files, they have folders with suggestive titles like 'network', they have troubleshooters. Clever people? They poke these things to see if there are useful things there. They trace connections and try things that seem logical until something works. And clever people are not stymied by a password being mis-entered once, nor do they forget how they got to the place they were three seconds ago.

Clara's awfully helpless, for a 'clever' person. Not just with technology, but after getting into the TARDIS and upon being trapped in the 'cloud' this mysterious client was feeding from.

I'm sure this is meant to be our arc-villain. Sigh. Poor setup, if so. He wants to feed on human minds because... I dunno, because. They have to have been 'free range' because... I dunno, because. And it doesn't matter to him that the harvested minds don't do anything but whimper in fear and say they don't know where they are because... I dunno, because.

So far Clara's superpower seems to be not spilling tea. And I find it a bit disturbing that she got 'upgraded' by the villain and only then started showing actual signs of cleverness.

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I would react, but can't just yet, since I'm not reading under the cut, because I'm still trailing back in Season Two -- I'll get there in the end!


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