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More episode summaries, taking us through to the end-of-season cliffhanger.

(first part of the season is here

Episode VIII
Edmund arrives at the Telmarine border, and sets to rearranging their forces to better defend against the small raiding parties the Telmarines favor. He begins making plans to counter-attack, and sends scouts to look for information and likely Telmarines to work with on trade or outright bribery. Susan meets with the Evrathene war leaders (who are closer to being state heads than the technical uncrowned king/heir, Dus Guillem). There’s an uproar about her age and identity that delays real negotiation.
B plot
Hearing petitions back at the Cair, Lucy learns about the dryads/Trees sleeping, and wants to speak to them. Arguments over how far from the Cair she can go and under what sort of guard erupt.

Episode IX
Susan enters active negotiations. She successfully gets the captured soldiers released in a prisoner exchange but the civilians are a sticking point. She tries to learn more about King Marius’s death and why Narnians would be blamed for it. Edmund drives off a Telmarine party. Peter clashes with Fell.
B plot
Lucy gets her way and rides as far as (Pillar Wood?) to speak with the Trees. The Guard won’t let her out of their sight - they practically twine around her ankles. Something small (chipmunk, mouse, hedgehog?) asks to ride on her shoulder/in her pocket. There’s even some discussion of her riding a Talking Horse. It’d be annoying if it didn’t make her so sad. They do finally get to talk to the Trees, who don’t say much.

Episode X
The creatures seen around King Marius’s death sound similar to the one that attacked Lucy. Susan wonders if some third party isn’t trying to destabilize the region. She discusses possibilities — Fell, Calormen, Ymar or Navarus, an unknown — with her advisors. Someone who had been fairly reasonable at negotiations changes stance completely and is against Narnia.
B plot
Peter questions a captured Fell about the locations of settlements, raiding parties. The Fell refuses to tell him anything, insists he should ask his own people that have been hunting them. Edmund has an encounter with a Telmarine carrying a message for him. Lucy is torn between the variety of problems needing to be solved.

Episode XI
Susan is attacked by some of the Evrathene, assisted by one of her own Guard. They strike at night, and get far too close to success — the Guard is killed right on top of her, by one of her still-loyal guard. He asks her forgiveness as he dies. The other fighting has been bloody; her whole room/tent is spattered with it. They leave immediately, saying they will return only when the queen’s safety can be guaranteed. They arrive back at the Narnian camp just in time to see a feverish Peter collapse.
No B plot

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