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Mystery characters meme!

Have writing itch, can't seem to generate more than snippets. So let's do something snippet-y!

I have selected 35 characters from 7 fandoms (including some fanon characters). 1-16 are ladies, 17-35 gents, otherwise randomly ordered.

Give me one or more numbers 1-35, inclusive, and a scenario. I'll write you a snippet. The fandoms all belong to my massive head-canon crossover, so results should be on the sensical side of cracky, one hopes.
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Whee, fun! 7, 21, and 32 end up in an antique store.

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4 and 5 meet while searching for 30, who has not been seen in several days.

Re: Russel (Mary Russell books) and Gwen (Downton Abbey) meet while searching for Branson (Downton)

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Nice! :D

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3, 19, interviewed by 12