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I intend to try to completely forget the past week. Therefore: writing!

I've been thinking about the writing on The Epic, and come to three conclusions: 1. I need deadlines to motivate my ass, 2. I need a good beta working with me, and 3. I'd like to give it to beta in larger chunks than a chapter, because of the amount of set-up and early groundwork going into it.

In the interests of point (3), I looked back at my outline and I think I can break it into four parts that will hang together -- not complete unto themselves, actually at least two of them end with a cliffhanger, but natural beat points. I think.

In the interests of point (1), I've decided to try to get the first part done before NFE starts - or by June 30, anyway, which may overlap with the writing part a bit, depending on when signups close, but should be managable. Then break for NFE, then part 2 by I don't know when, let's see how well I hit the first deadline.

In the interests of point (2), I am now begging for a beta willing to tackle the whole damn thing. NGL, it's a loooong one; that first part will probably clock in between 50,000 and 70,000 words all told, if the rest goes as the first has. Which makes the long-term whole work total something on the order of 200-300k.

If I haven't terrified you completely (I terrify myself), and you'd be willing to read this thing, poke fingers through plotholes, knock over cardboard characters, and take a tension wrench to the loose prosey bits, would you get in touch with me? Please please please??
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