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Nov. 10th, 2011 09:26 pm
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Biggest spoilers here, except for the part where there are all kinds of fuzzy handwavey bits. Help! Also it sort of broke the episode format where it got fuzzy.

Episode XXI
Edmund wakes in a well-appointed room that is still obviously a prison, just for nobles. (Think Tower of London.) He figures he’s being held for ransom or leverage, and spends some time shouting for his captors, who don’t appear. He’s furious at this treatment and wonders if something similar happened to Susan. He worries over Lucy trying to manage for all four of them. Obviously, he thinks, escaping is the best possible course of action- it’ll make Lucy’s life easier and he REALLY wants some of his own back after getting caught like that. He starts carefully combing the room for anything useful. Tarva leads Lucy and Sirene to the Fell encampment. The clan elders hear her out, then force her to admit who she really is. Lucy promises them a treaty with Narnia if they help, even if they don’t find the others (alive). The minotaur leader Farzan will go with her himself.

Episodes XIX to XXI B plot: Susan finds the lady is corresponding with someone who frustrates her. At one point a messenger arrives, tells the lady something which leaves her in a rage covering tears. Susan can no longer stay silent, seeing this: she asks what the trouble is. The lady confesses that a lord nearby has an heirloom - given to him in surety for a loan her husband took - and now that the husband is dead and the she’s repaid the loan, he still refuses to return it, even though it’s from her family and her husband never had any right to offer it. Susan is outraged on her behalf and asks if she can help by negotiating for it. The lady is pleased and grateful so Susan sets off to speak with the lord.

Episode XXII
Peter plans an escape: he intends to overpower the first guard that comes in. An orc or troll enters with food and Peter strikes. It goes exactly as he’d planned (he won’t think of this until later) and he’s out of the cell. He takes a sword from another guard sometime later. The prison cells are practically a maze; Peter’s trying to be methodical about wandering but he keeps getting lost. He finally finds a stair up. Lucy mentions something about a witch - before she had just mentioned ‘an evil’ - which causes a flurry among the Fell and some heated arguments about ‘the Dreaming Lady’ or ‘the Queen’. Farzan finally declares that they promised aid, and they’ll keep their word. He, Tarva, Lucy, Sirene, and possibly one or two others set off. Lucy realizes they seem to know where to go now. Farzan tells her the Dreaming Lady has spoken to various clans’ shamans. Lucy is certain this Lady is the witch they’re looking for. (Alternate idea: they plan to seek the Dreaming Lady’s insight, and Lucy is alarmed when she hears the plan.)
B plot
Susan is welcomed and hosted by a lord who doesn’t seem to know who she is.

Episode XXIII
Lucy’s party makes their way west and a little south. She comments that she’d thought they’d go more toward Ettinsmoor, but Farzan explains that the DL’s palace is nearer civilized lands, and anyway no one wants to travel in the Nameless Lands, if they did have to go that way they’d travel through Narnia. [Lucy says everyone getting sick is just south of Ettinsmoor; Farzan tells her that there’s land there which isn’t Narnian but belongs to the White Lady for all time, because a blood sacrifice made by the fallen king and queen.] [possibly partially jossed by later thoughts on the plague]. Someone comes to speak with Edmund trying to figure out why the queen wants him (alive) with an eye toward leveraging it himself and cutting the queen out. Edmund in turn tries to pump him for info. He plots escape, and manages to make his way as far as the gates of the prison by general awesomeness [aka I haven’t figured that out yet] before something goes wrong and he’s recaptured. They decide he’s too dangerous to keep and take him to the queen.
B plot
A complication in Susan’s mission.

Episode XXIV
Lucy & co see Edmund being delivered to the DL’s palace. Certain the witch has all of her family, Lucy’s determined to rescue them. First they need to get in — Farzan points out that he and Tarva would be allowed in the front door, probably. Sirene’s torn between wanting to be rid of them and not trusting them out of her sight. Lucy suggests that they should have a reason for going in - like a prisoner. Sirene is extremely unhappy. Eventually it’s agreed that Farzan will take Lucy, while Tarva and Sirene sneak in to be backup. Also we see something of Peter’s adventures and maybe some of Edmund’s - he’s got to get away and get a weapon at some point. Possibly closes with the queen seeing Farzan/Lucy approaching, and summoning Susan back, making the B plot Susan stealing the artifact.

Episode XXV
Lucy’s plan is put into action. When the queen realizes she has all four in her grasp she decides to begin the ritual. She sends Lucy to the dungeons then goes to meet Susan. S soon as she has the artifact in hand - Peter and Edmund meet in their wanderings, but as both are trapped in the queen’s visions, they don’t realize it. They fight. The queen takes Susan outside - she’ll want Susan to kill either Lucy or the survivor of the boys’ fight, and then ideally the surviving sib kills Susan in vengeance before dying as well. Once the queen is hooked into the bond, thought, she can’t be the direct instrument on any death.

The boys have to be interrupted before they kill each other, obviously, but possibly one takes a bad wound? There’s the cordial if need be. The shock of the ‘killing’ in the Deep Magic might make the queen think one’s down and they can proceed; it also might shock Susan loose from her control. Not realizing the boys are free from the illusion, the queen tries to lure the survivor out to her. (The boys encounter possibly nearby? Triggered by seeing Lucy prisoner and trying to ‘rescue’ her?) Both boys, with Sirene and Tarva, make their way toward the queen.
Then some stuff happens, and when the metaphorical (?) smoke clears, the queen is gone. Maybe her creatures attacked to cover her escape? Lucy administers cordial to anyone wounded and maybe to Susan as well since it helped Peter with the Waking Sleep.
They realize (the queen threatened?) she will raise those with the Sleep as an army under her control. Farzan offers the Fell’s assistance. Everyone rushes off to raise what forces they can.
[alternate plague scenario: it began with Narnians in foreign lands, who were then expelled as plague-carriers. Which would explain how it got into Narnia when the queen’s magic couldn’t directly. But then it’s scattered all over, not geographically defined]
Then some stuff happens wherein there’s a major confrontation but I don’t want wholesale slaughter, just some civil warfare angst and the situation is pretty grim. They figure the only way to free the sleepwalkers is to destroy the queen, so something daring has to be done to get at her. Then when they have her weakened / ‘defeated’ they have no way to contain her, and Aslan shows up, and banishes her “to a remote land upon the waves” or words to that effect, where she won’t be able to do any harm because she’ll have no one to affect. Then he wants to send the Pevensies back to England, but they refuse to go, so after some argument, he transforms them back into their adult selves [I’m not completely wedded to that bit] and they will never be able to go back to England again. Before they’ve quite adjusted, he’s gone. Then I need a satisfactory closing bit, because that’s a bit abrupt as-is.

The End, until the sequel which I am not thinking about until posting on this starts, but it will involve Telmar and the Islands and the emergence of a cult that’s heavily anti-nonhuman and possibly anti-magic as well.
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