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Season 1 part I
Season 1 part II

Episode XII
Edmund and Lucy get word of the attack on Susan and Peter’s illness. Lucy immediately arranges a griffin ride to Peter, overriding everyone who wants her to stay at the Cair. She is persuaded to at least take guards with her (other than the griffins); one of the smaller Cats volunteers to ride with her. Edmund, torn, nonetheless abandons a meeting with a Telmarine commander in favor of riding hell for leather north to deal with the fallout. He arrives first, and finds the camp in an uproar since Susan has -- apparently -- attacked Peter and fled the camp. Lucy arrives, administers the cordial. Both of them are whisked off to separate tents by very nervous Guards and soldiers.
B plot
Susan heads northwards, half-dazed, half-lucid and confused. Her path is guarded by shadow-creatures. A group of Fell consider attacking her, but are warned off.

Episode XIII
Peter dreams of Aslan, and wakes healthy. Edmund and Lucy tell him what he missed. He tells them that Aslan spoke of a threat from the North. They and advisors discuss what to do.
B plot
An exhausted Susan collapses, sleeps. In her dreams she walks toward a welcoming house, almost a manor. It looks a bit like the Professor’s house. When she wakes, she can see smoke coiling up, apparently from a chimney, not far away. She heads for it. (She may have been moved in the night without realizing it.)

Episode XIV
Peter and a party of Narnians prepare to go north after Susan. Peter also wants to find out what that Fell meant about Narnians slaughtering them -- since the patrol has long since stopped sending reports, all they know is that one ‘went missing’ up in that area. Edmund formally accepts command of the army and the diplomatic mission. Lucy tries pointing out that she could do one or the other, but she’s to be sent back to the Cair. Edmund tries to cheer her by pointing out that she can take her time going, and meet with some of the Narnians as she’d wanted. This is only marginally successful.
B plot
Susan arrives at the manor she’d seen in her dreams. Servants welcome her and take her to a room where she can bathe and change, then present her to the lady of the place. The lady looks a little like Jadis and a lot like Susan, not that Susan really notices either. She assures Susan that she’s safe, welcome, wanted.

Episode XV
Edmund tries to pick up where Susan left off, both in negotiations and investigation. Lucy starts back to Cair very slowly, planning to stop at virtually every Narnian settlement along the way. Peter’s party checks on Sorrowmere on the way north -- no Fell have returned to the Witch’s stronghold. They continue on through oddly silent forest. Peter’s escort insists they give the lamppost a very wide berth. (Peter is not unhappy to agree.)
B plot
The lady insists that Susan is her guest for as long as she wishes. Susan worries about the strange things she left behind her, though her memory of why she left is hazy. The lady invites her to write messages to go back, if she wishes; reminds her that she’s safe.

Episode XVI
Peter’s party comes across a group of Narnian miners -- dwarfs mostly, as expected -- fleeing from Fell attacks on the camp. They’re exhausted and some are wounded. Peter reluctantly allows Susan’s trail to get cold(er) and promises them safe escorts as far as the Narnian border. Edmund catches some of the same sense Susan had that someone outside is manipulating events. He arranges to meet privately with (a minor noble / a major noble’s servant / a moderately placed soldier) who tells him some of the stranger things that have been happening in the court. Edmund wonders if this is happening in other lands, and approaches the Navari ambassador.
B plot
Susan starts to fall deeper into a blithe restfulness, accepting the lady’s hospitality with less and less worry about the outside world or her own history. The lady encourages her not to think on painful things, to heal first and consider problems when she feels stronger.

Episode XVII
While walking along a ravine edge, a treacherous stretch with the miners’ possessions, etc, a stretch gives way, dumping Peter into the ravine. The Narnians try to follow, but they can’t descend there and are forced to go around, trying to estimate where he ended up. They send a message back with a Bird. Lucy stops to deal with a feud between naiads and (something - animal? Miller? Miner?) using/fouling the water. The naiads, in retaliation, have been washing out the ford and weakening the streambanks. One of the Trees nearby is deeply annoyed by this.
B plot
The lady persuades Susan to share her troubles after finding her wakeful after a nightmare. Susan first, slowly, talks about how she can’t remember much of how she got there, and then with the lady’s encouragement, begins to talk a little about her fears for Narnia. Then she confesses that she wonders if what Narnia has suffered is her fault. The lady comforts her, notably does NOT say it was not her fault, tells her she’s carried too much for too long and she needs a rest. She tucks Susan into bed like a child, and Susan seems to respond to this ‘mothering’ by becoming somewhat childlike.

Episode XVIII
The message from the north reaches Edmund. He orders that it NOT be passed on to Lucy just yet, until they know more ("or she’ll go tearing up there and we’ll have to find BOTH of them.") He wants to go after Peter desperately; he goes to a meeting instead. His worry explains whey he is later distracted enough to miss the drugged dart that takes him in the neck, dropping him unconscious.
B plot
Susan notices that the lady seems to be worrying about something, but the lady tells her not to worry about it. Susan, being Susan and unaccustomed to doing nothing all day, starts trying to work out what it is on the sly.
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