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Well, most people were interested. But I'll put this behind a spoiler cut for those who'd rather not see it until fic-time.

Episodes I-VII, which takes us to some sort of season hiatus, I think - good stopping point, anyway.

Episode I
The Pevensies arrive back at the Professor’s house, end of term. The household is quickly disrupted by the children’s nocturnal troubles. They each react differently to the problem: Susan tries to ignore it, Edmund to analyze it, Lucy to apprehend it, Peter to fix it. Lucy sees Aslan.
B plot
In Narnia, Oreius meets with two captains from the western army to discuss the situation in the ___ Valley. The battles are going poorly. Evrath has claimed more land and has just captured a number of Narnian soldiers. They are also holding civilians — merchants mostly — under suspicion for the death of the king. One of the captains thinks Evrath is responsible for the Four going missing. The other thinks Fell are responsible for both the disappearance and the creatures blamed for King Marius’s death. Oreius doesn’t think they can spare forces to push into Fell lands, but ultimately agrees to shift a company from the south, although it leaves the Telmarine border sparse.

Episode II
Much discussion of Lucy’s vision ensues. They get out of the house to give the Professor and his staff some quiet, but the discussion/argument continues. They are interrupted by screaming; following the sound, they arrive in Narnia.
B plot
One captain takes matters into his own hands, sending a force north through Lantern Waste and into the wild where the remnants of Fell live, intending to capture and question some. Oreius learns that sickness is in the north. He orders a quarantine but they cant spare anyone to help.

Episode III
Telmarines are killing a dryad. The Pevensies intervene, killing the Telmarines. Somewhat annoyed about the lack of prisoners to question, they turn to the dryad for information, but she’s too badly hurt to tell them much. They take equipment and set off north, making for the Great River. A Narnian patrol finds them and holds them as spies.
B plot
The band captain Melus sent north is attacked by Fell; two of their number are killed. In retaliation they kill the attackers and go on to raze a Fell village. Someone finds Susan’s horn in the wreckage. Convinced this is proof of the Fell’s involvement, the group determines to destroy all they encounter. Oreius leaves command of the armies in his captain’s hands while he returns to Cair Paravel to meet with the council.

Episode IV
Still concerned the Pevensies are spies, but convinced by the dryad’s testimony, the patrol’s commander agrees to send them east under escort to Cair Paravel — “where they have better prisons for spies in any case.” Somewhat amused, then Pevensies accept the escort and head off. Getting information isn’t easy when they’re already suspected to be spies, but simple observation soon shows them things aren’t right in Narnia. They encounter a fight/riot between Narnian factions. They also see displaced human settlers; there’s been a backlash against foreigners.
B plot
Basic intro of some council personalities in short discussions of issues prior to a formal meeting. A message arrives about the human ‘spies.’

Episode V
The Pevensies arrive at Cair Paravel and are questioned by the Council. They are able to prove their identities and are welcomed home. Steps are immediately taken to ensure they will not vanish again. The Pevensies have questions about what they saw on the way.
B plot
The patrol continues to hunt Fell in the north. Some bands decide to fight back and raid Narnia. A Narnian village is destroyed. The army catches one of the retreating Fell and executes her publicly.

Episode VI
Planning begins to send the Four where they are needed most. Lucy is reluctantly talked into staying at the Cair where, presumably, she can be watched for vanishing. A creature attacks Lucy in a hallway, wounding Peter and nearly killing a guard.
B plot
Skirmishing Fell retreat right through Evrathene forces. The Evrathene don’t distinguish between the Fell and the pursuing Narnians; they just see a Narnian attack. The resulting battle is bloody on both sides.

Episode VII
Peter and Susan, accompanied by Oreius and a small contingent of soldiers, and by Sallowpad and a larger diplomatic contingent, set out for the west. Edmund and Lucy make a discovery about the creature that attacked. Lucy settles a quarrel among the castle staff.
B plot
Tensions have escalated at the Evrathene border (technically, Narnian land occupied by the invading army). Brief skirmishes and exchanges of fire take place daily. Advance heralds sent to prepare Susan’s way are treated as suspect when they arrive among the Evrathene, blindfolded and kept secluded. Negotiations are successful, however, and they are returned unharmed. From the commanders tent, one of the Fell (hag? Something more human?) watches them go.
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