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lady_songsmith ([personal profile] lady_songsmith) wrote2015-02-24 02:44 pm
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Venting some poison

Feel free to skip it.

I am angry today.

I am angry because someone decided they knew me, knew what I wanted and how I thought, and refused to hear my words, then insulted and belitted me on the basis of their assumptions.

This is the internet, and such incidents are pretty well par for the course, so I walked away.

But then to see this person continue to beat the strawman version of "me" they invented, and moreover, to claim they're doing it in the name of preventing bullying?

I am angry.

And I am trying very hard to hold on to the resolution to disengage, because my instinct when attacked -- and I feel attacked -- is to go for the jugular.
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I'm so sorry. It's so awful to feel this way and see it all. yes, definitely, walk away, disengage, stay away. This is all supposed to be fun, right? And toxicity is not fun. I'm not telling you what you don't already know and it's so hard. I'm sorry.

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Well, since I know all about you, let me tell you what to do!

Or I could offer a friendly ear to which you may vent your troubles.

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Oh, rotten! I'm so sorry - and huge kudos to you for just leaving them to their own spluttering fulminations.