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So the thing about being fed up with Who and furious about Moffat's flinging crap all around hoping the splatters will eventually create Art....

... I have fic ideas.

Yes, folks, this is my brain: happy with a show, no ideas. Hatred, WRITE ALL THE THINGS!

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:D Sounds good to me.

(On the other hand, I was flailing away for several days, looking for some tiny interstice where I could squeeze in a minuscule bit of story for Doctor Five. And have found one, and so why am I here, and not diligently writing? exits, tapping on a keyboard as she goes)
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excellent! SPACKLE!

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Gather ye plot threads while ye may
for writer's block draw nigh
That inspiration which calls today
tomorrow may just die

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My writer's block currently involves looking at a gif that [ profile] intrikate88 put up of Liam Hemsworth, and telling her "hey, he's got all those shoulders and that neck and dark hair and he hasn't shaved recently! He could be Alec! That makes this research!"

It's a total crock, but pretty painless as these things go.
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