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Who 50th

Whyyyyyyyyyy, guys, why?

I am so officially done with anything Who until they throw Moffat out on his hack ass.
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What didn't you like about it? I have such low expectations I just go along for the ride and don't bother trying to make it fit with anything. Did you see the 5 Doctors short?

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I dunno, I thought the children were kind of interesting, because I pictured all the Timelords as being adult independent operators like the Doctor, that possibly reproduced only rarely like unicorns or something... XD So the idea that there were many, many children affected by the Doctor's decision was interesting to me, 'cause before I felt like, "If the Doctor killed them, sombitches must've done something to deserve it!"

BTW we did not see it on the small screen; we saw it on the big screen and it looked AWESOME.

Also the sucker aliens are returning to the screen after an absence of 38 years! They wanted to celebrate the anniversary too! O_o;;
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Ah, I did not know about the childrens... So are not all adult Gallifeyans Timelords? I guess not if you don't have a TARDIS?

Re: screen, we saw it on an actual movie screen! In an actual movie theater! And it looked perfectly nice; it looked like Doctor Who, but nothing jumped out as looking low budget.

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Umm...I liked it?

This is why I love being a casual Whovian! I totally recognize your reaction; I remember the days of freaking out over every TV Guide or sci-fi magazine that had the slightest teaser for Star Trek or The X-Files, and feeling gutted after an episode where I felt they'd done something stupid (I know you've been there too re: Trek). Now I just show up and watch Who, and say, "That was entertaining." It's so relaxing! I realize it's probably too late for you now, but... :P