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To keep track of what I've been up to -

[ profile] andi_horton asked for: Nancy Drew, Nancy and Carson, there are days he'd like to lock her in a tower

When she started showing an interest in his work, Carson pictured his little girl bent studiously and adorably over tomes as big as she was. He never expected kidnappings, guns, car chases, or any of the other hazards Nancy finds on a regular basis. He's a lawyer; the greatest danger of her following in his footsteps ought to be eyestrain.

[ profile] futureperfect asked for: Rome, Vorenus/Pullo, fighting

They don't work in peacetime. They never could; they are far too different, far too abrasive. But when they drape the red cloaks from their shoulders and follow the eagles into war, something shifts and there is nothing else they could be at the end of a bloody day but partners in ever sense of the word.

[ profile] seasight asked for: Tamora Pierce/Doctor Who: The Doctor meets Numair.

"It can go anywhere -- or anywhen. Are you even listening to me?" The Doctor frowned, and tried not to feel offended by the tall, dark-haired man with the staff who seemed far more intent on comparing the interior and exterior sizes of the TARDIS while muttering to himself about principles of illusion and compressed space.

[ profile] lizzie_marie_23 asked for: Narnia, Digory, apple dreams

France is a muddy, bloody hell of gunsmoke and death. But sometimes, when the the crawling from trench to trench gives way to walking in countryside that can still grow things, there are orchards. Lying beneath a tree, with the taste of apple juice on his tongue, Digory finds another world.

So far all unfilled.

Addams Family, Wednesday/Joel (the geek from camp in Values), wake the dead
Filled by [ profile] andi_horton
They're still caught in a sweaty tangle of limbs when the stench of decomp makes him sniff, cough, and reach for his inhaler.

Wednesday's attention is on the doorway and her expression baleful as she snaps "do you mind?"

"Aunghh," the zombie grunts, and shuffles away.

Downton Abbey, Edith/anyone, love and marriage

Lord of the Rings, Aragorn/Faramir, everything he had hoped for

Alice in Wonderland (Depp version), Alice, going to China
Filled by [ profile] cityofmist
She would be lying if she said that she wasn't scared. Those first days of the planning and the voyage she was confident in her fierce pride that she was doing this, that after all the others who had called the idea mad it was she who was going to China, but doubts crept inevitably in, during the long days at sea, and now she is surrounded by the people and the business and the madness of a completely alien land and she is, if entirely honest, terrified.

And then - in the corner of her eye, but it stops her dead - a man walks past wearing a battered, ribbon-tied top hat, and Alice stares for a moment; and then she gathers her thoughts and steps forward, walking out with confidence under a butterfly-blue sky.
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