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Dear NFE writer

Dear NFE writer,

Thanks for writing me a story! I hope the prompts have given you some form of inspiration. I generally flail about trying to come up with specifics, as I tend to prefer types of stories rather than scenarios. If you want to take off on a tangent, you're welcome to do so.


I love outside POV and everything else that gives a different perspective, storeis that come at canon for right angles -- or 180, if you want to write villains as protagonists. On which note, I love history as written by the victors tropes and unreliable narrators in general. I like complexity, characters with conflicting loyalties and/or motives, people doing the right thing for the wrong reasons and vice-versa, relationships that accomodate both conflict and affection, and generally three-dimensional characters.

I adore worldbuilding, particularly of the sort that treats Narnia as a real place rather than a dreamlike fairytale land. I also love details that provide a sense of place, whether created out of whole cloth or in a researched historical setting.

I prefer movieverse to bookverse, precisely because of the movies' attempt to introduce character memory and development where the books used archetypes, but I do enjoy the books and MN, HHB, and SC should all be considered fair game for setting fodder. I do not like Last Battle, for myriad reasons, and would prefer no Aslan's Country fic. Susan after the crash is ok, as are Everyone Lives (or Some People Live) AUs, and drawing on pre-crash events in LB for general inspiration is fine too.

On the scale of benevolent to selfish Aslan, I tend toward the cycincal side, but I read and enjoy fics all along the spectrum. Just please not all the way at the infallible, (literal) deus ex machina, wrap-up moral delivering end.

Any rating, any type of pairing (m/m, f/f, m/f), and indeed more-than-pairings are all fine with me.


As I said, I'm not wedded to the specifics, so if you have an offshoot idea, please go for it! These are just some things I was thinking about when I concocted the prompts.

Caspian the first's conquest of Narnia, or the early days of the Telmarines in Narnia.

Was Caspian really a conqueror? What was Narnia like when the Telmarines arrived? How about when they were a little bit established but before they could pretend to be the only inhabitants of Narnia -- around Caspian III or IV? Could be from the court's perspective, or a Telmarine commoner, or a Narnian. Or a complete outsider, like an ambassador or historian -- fake academic fics are awesome!

Tell me the missing stories of Narnian history, like the founding of Archenland, or Gale going after the dragon, or something you come up with yourself.

So this'd be my love of history in general. Again, in-universe histories would be great, or someone telling a story, or a straight-up fic of the event. Don't feel bound to the examples given, those were just the only canon examples that came to mind. If you want to tell the settling of the Seven Isles, or the building of Harfang, or anything else under the sun, have at it!

Alternate Narnias. Maybe reimagine Narnia from the generic-medieval-fantasy to something like steampunk, space opera, or superhero. Maybe parallel universes start meeting and canon!Narnia encounters an alternate!Narnia of some kind.
This is gratuitous worldbuildy thought exercise. I love parallel universe concepts, from the Star Trek mirrorverse to the nearby realities of Chrestomanci Chronicles to the just slightly off Pete's World of Doctor Who. I'd be thrilled to see either a mixing of two (or more!) parallel Narnias or to focus on a single one. Though I suggest whole genre-shifts in the prompt, small point of divergence or 'want of a nail' worlds would also be awesome!

Bacchus. And other gods, perhaps - what do they get up to? But mostly I'd like to see Bacchus and wine-related shenanigans and seductions.
So, Bacchus. Because I like wild chaos gods. I'm very interested in the non-Aslan god figures in canon, like Pomona, Christmas, Tash, and Zardeena -- I'm sure there are any number of others who don't get name-checked -- so if you want to write a story about how they fit into the landscape, I will love it. Or if you just want to get people drunk and uninhibited, I will also love that.

I have a soft spot for Caspian/Drinian as a pairing. From Silver Chair, we know they had a very close, life-long relationship; I love it as either a romance or a deep friendship with sex-on-the-side.
So for this one, I really, really prefer bookverse. Movie!Drinian made me spend most of the film saying things like "Pirates of the Carribean is the next soundstage over!" Book!Drinian seemed a much closer contemporary of Caspian, and didn't talk like someone out of a bad Treasure Island remake. Regarding the relationship, I have a loyalty!kink about three miles wide, so anything along those lines -- favored vassal, oaths, uniquely trusted, etc -- is just like candy.