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So, er, I have no idea what just happened, but there was Rilian in my head this morning and this came out, and I think it needs -- expansion? elaboration? editing? -- but here's what there is.

It was easier than he'd expected.

Rilian had thought there would be more resistance to his taking the throne. He'd been gone for so long, had very nearly led an army against Narnia (and he made no secret of his time with the lady-witch), and his rescuers from another world had not stayed to tell the tale, nor had Aslan; it would be no surprise if some of the Narnians regarded him with suspicion, and no shame to them. But there were enough who remembered his father as a young man and his mother's light, some of which still shone in him, that vouched him the true son of Caspian and rightful king, so no one questioned it to his face at least.

He suspected, from the sound that seemed to follow him, wind hissing through cracks, that the doubt was whispered behind his back. He tried not to think on it overmuch; it would pass in time or it would not, and all he could do was try to show he would be a good king. But as time passed, and he ruled -- not wisely, perhaps, but at least well, and the whispers did not fade at all, it did hurt. He tried harder. Married, raised children, fought wars and made peace. Died, still hearing the whispers running behind him.

On his tomb, the Narnians carved the name they had known him by since his miraculous return from Underworld:

King Rilian the Disenchanted
True heir to Edmund the Just


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